Important Updates

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Weather Conditions

Coastal weather can be unpredictable in all seasons. Whether you’re planning a multi-day hike or an afternoon walk, it’s important to always be prepared for strong winds, heavy rain and hot or cold weather throughout the year.

For latest warnings please monitor -

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(update twice daily around 6am and 6pm)

Track Conditions

The Southern Ocean generates most of south-east Australia's weather. Powerful storms, high rainfall, strong winds and crashing seas all combine to make this provide a showcase of nature's drama unfolding at every step.

Taylor your Great Ocean Walk to conditions along the track. Before you go read information here on walking track updates, works on the walk, fire messages, path closures and even nature's highlights. 

For track conditions and updates for Great Ocean Walk, please see below. 

For track conditions, updates and alerts for Great Otway National Park please click here.

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Beach Access & Advice

The Great Ocean Road region has some of the most impressive beaches in Australia and the Great Ocean Walk’s natural beauty is largely shaped by the brunt of the Southern Ocean’s powerful wave and wind forces. Nature’s drama unfolds at every step and if you are properly prepared you will have a safe and memorable walk experience at any time of year.

Safety & Environment

Planning your walk will assist you in staying safe and maximising your enjoyment. Safety is your responsibility and it is critical you equip yourself with the information and tools you need to be prepared.

Make sure you purchase a copy of the GOW Travel Guide and/or Map for detailed information. Determine your plans and book your accommodation in advance and remember there are many sections of the GOW where there is lmiited or no mobile service.

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