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Beach Access & Advice

The Great Ocean Road region has some of the most impressive beaches in Australia and the Great Ocean Walk’s natural beauty is largely shaped by the brunt of the Southern Ocean’s powerful wave and wind forces.  Nature’s drama unfolds at every step and if you are properly prepared you will have a safe and memorable walk experience at any time of year. Rugged, remote and potentially dangerous you must be adequately prepared with the correct information about weather conditions, tide times and effect of heavy rainfall on river crossings.

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Apollo Bay beach

Apollo Bay Beach - The only lifesaver patrolled beach (summer only) along the Great Ocean Walk

A wide, crescent-shaped sandy beach patrolled by lifesavers in summer. Sheltered waters make it appealing for swimming and it is popular with families. Surfing and full facilities are located nearby.

Apollo Bay Victoria
low tide blanket bay1

Blanket Bay beach - An unpatrolled beach

Off the Great Ocean Road, about 35kms from Apollo Bay. Nestled in the Great Otway National Park this sheltered beach is not patrolled by lifesavers. It adjoins the Blanket Bay Camping/Picnic area. There are rockpools to explore at either end of the beach and careful supervision of children is recommended at all times. Take care if you choose to swim as water can get choppy and dangerous ocean rips and currents may be present.

Castle Cove - An unpatrolled beach

Located on a spectacular bend of the Great Ocean Road at Glenaire, Castle Cove has minimal carpark spaces and toilet facilities are 15 minutes away at Lavers Hill. The rugged beach with towering cliffs is easily accessible via steps and favoured by avid surfers.  Dangerous ocean- rips and currents may be present.

visionsofvictoria1224265 302 Johanna Beach

Johanna beach - An unpatrolled beach

Unsafe for swimming although excellent surf. Off the Great Ocean Road, about 30kms from Apollo Bay. This is an alternative venue for Bells Beach world surfing titles when there's no surf there. Towering cliffs frame the pristine sandy beach.  Dangerous ocean- rips and currents may be present.

Wreck beach - An unpatrolled beach

Visible shipwreck anchors from two ships wrecked along the beach, the 'Marie Gabrielle' in 1880 and the 'Fiji' in 1891.

CAUTION: You should only attempt to walk onto Wreck Beach during low tide and calm sea conditions.