IMG 024.above Station Beach

Keeping on Track

The Great Ocean Walk includes a mixture of tracks, gradients and surfaces, including rock platforms, sandy beaches, steep stairways and shared vehicle tracks. Be alert for cars when walking on shared vehicle tracks, and fallen tree limbs when walking through forested areas. Walking on the marked tracks helps to keep you safe and makes for a great walk experience.

Please keep to the walking track as this protects native vegetation, reduces erosion and spread of the deadly disease Cinnamon Fungus.  Cinnamon Fungus (Phytophthora cinnamomi) is a microscopic, soil-borne pathogen (disease causing organism) that attacks and destroys plant root systems.

It is important to carry an up to date copy of the Great Ocean Walk Information Guide & Official Map (1:25,000 map) or the Great Ocean Walk Official Walker’s Maps Booklet. These can be purchased by contacting or visiting the LorneApollo Bay or Port Campbell Visitor Information Centres.