fire rating

Fire weather conditions

Prepare, Act and Survive: Your safety is your responsibility and you need to be aware of current fire danger ratings.

The Great Ocean Walk is in a high bushfire risk area. There is no safe place to shelter and survive a bushfire.  During the fire season, over the warmer months of the year, a Total Fire Ban may be declared. On these days you must not light a fire and should stop any activity which might start a fire. This includes using portable liquid and gas fuel cooking stoves.

The Great Ocean Walk is in a section of the Great Otway National Park and Port Campbell National Park – both located in the South West Fire District.

On high fire danger days a rating may be applied to Fire Districts. If a rating of Severe or Extreme fire danger is applied, all walkers are advised to consider their safety along their planned walking route.

If temperatures and winds are high, escape routes need to be considered as many sections of the walk have no safe refuge due to impenetrable heathland vegetation, thick fuel-laden forest, steep cliffs or a combination of these. Parks Victoria advises that leaving the park early under these predicted conditions is your best option, or if not safe to do so, to stay at safe beach access areas. Do not wait and see.

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