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Safety is your responsibility

Beach walking and HIGH TIDES & RIVER crossing safety

Your safety is your number one responsibility on your walk. Do not access beaches and rock platforms without checking tide times. Isolated beaches with limited walk options exist near sections of the Great Ocean Walk. The flexibility to customize your walking experience is based on you making safe decisions, taking into consideration things such as tides, ocean swell/waves and current/impending weather. 

The Great Ocean Walk offers shelter from strong sun, bad weather, high tides and waves from large ocean swell. Beach access is marked along these alternative beach walk sections (refer to the clearly marked Great Ocean Walk Map guide).

Emergency markers state your ‘on and off’ access points and yellow flags mark track arrival and departure points from the beach. It is important to look for these. The Great Ocean Walk route is clearly marked with signs and is inland in all areas except (refer MAP) (1) Storm Point, (3) West of Bald Hill, (9) Johanna Beach and (10) Milanesia Beach first section.

CAUTION: Where no alternative inland routes exist, conditions like heavy rain, rough seas and high tides may make crossings at Elliot, Parker and Johanna Rivers challenging or impossible. You should only attempt to walk along the coastline during low tide and calm sea conditions.