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On Walk Camping

Under The Stars, Above The Earth

A long distance walk means a sleep over and given the walk traverses some of Victoria’s most spectacular bushland the most obvious option is camping.

Hike-in purpose-built campsites are provided along the Great Ocean Walk and in the Great Otway National Park where bookings are necessary, with fees paid in advance. Visit Parks Victoria to book.

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Alternative Accommodation

If sleeping under the stars is not your thing, you can enjoy the Walk by day and stay overnight in the comfort of one of the Great Ocean Walk accommodation providers. Step on and off the track to relax in accommodation including privately operated campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, and self-contained cottages which are all located at convenient points along the route.

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Beach Access and Advice

The Great Ocean Road region has some of the most impressive beaches in Australia and the Great Ocean Walk’s natural beauty is largely shaped by the brunt of the Southern Ocean’s powerful wave and wind forces. 

Nature’s drama unfolds at every step and if you are properly prepared you will have a safe and memorable walk experience at any time of year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Located on the edge of the Southern Ocean the Great Ocean Walk is truly in the hands of nature and all of its weather affects contribute to nature’s drama, as it unfolds at every step. 

If you are considering completing any or all aspects of the walk, it is vital to plan and prepare.

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Safety and Environment

Plan to be safe, don’t fail to plan!

The Great Ocean Walk is located on the edge of the Southern Ocean which, with all its majestic beauty and powerful forces, creates conditions that need to be heeded if you are to make safe decisions when walking in this spectacular environment. Keep to the track, observe signs, be aware of the wildlife and other walkers, and consider your options in case of an emergency prior to beginning the walk.

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