Register and pay to camp ON the Great Ocean Walk. Please note ‘bush camping’ is not permitted in the Great Otway and Port Campbell National Parks however there are many accommodation options available.

Overnight hikers using the purpose-built Great Ocean Walk and the Great Otway National Park hike-in campgrounds, are required to make bookings and pay a fee in advance. Visit Parks Victoria Fees may apply for telephone bookings for Great Ocean Walk.

High season is spring to autumn with an high traffic during school terms on group-use of facilities.

For groups smaller than 18 people, there are two options for camping ON the Great Ocean Walk in the hike-in purpose-built campgrounds. A maximum limit of 18 people spread across 6 tent sites applies. Three people per tent and tent site.

  1. Individual campsites at Great Ocean Walk purpose-built Hike-in seven campgrounds:
    12 people per booking in up to 4 of the 8 sites (maximum of 3 people per tent).
  2. Small-Group Camping areas (maximum 18 people in the group areas) are available at four of the seven Great Ocean Walk Hike-in campgrounds.
    These areas accommodate 6 x 3-person tent sites.
    Small group areas are NOT AVAILABLE in the last 3 days Great Ocean Walk hike-in campgrounds, i.e.  at Johanna Beach, Ryans Den and Devils Kitchen.
    Where present the Great Ocean Walk small group areas are larger and more open camping spaces than the individual sites.

Hike-in campgrounds are NOT available for exclusive bookings for individuals or small groups. Small group hikers, booked and camping on the walk at Blanket Bay and Aire River West can access toilet facilities in the National Park car-based camping areas.

LARGER GROUP PLANNING (more than 18 people): It is not possible to book Great Ocean Walk hike-in campsites for more than 18 people as it is a constant challenge to manage the capacity and physical impacts of group camping, while maintaining an attractive campground for all users.

Large groups can organise off-walk accommodation, allowing them to walk during the day and stay close by.

A variety of accommodation and camping sites exist along the Great Ocean Road between Apollo Bay, Cape Otway Aire River, Johanna and Princetown areas.
Car-based Great Otway National Park camping is CLOSE BY at Blanket Bay and Aire River Campgrounds.
Book these campsites at Parks Victoria.   

  • For more information contact the Great Ocean Road Visitor Information Centre in Apollo Bay on 1300 689 297.
  • For details of camping sites close to the Great Otway National Park, visit Parks Victoria and search ‘Great Otway National Park’

TIP: Groups of more than 18 people are advised to access this range of alternative accommodation/camping providers.

TIPS for online booking.  

  • When booking small group campsites online, the Great Ocean Walk ‘group camping’ areas are listed separately at the end of the ParkStay individual campsites product list Parks Victoria
  • Drive in campgrounds near the Great Ocean Walk are listed at Parks Victoria

Fees Schedule (GST INCLUDED) (Guideline only. Online fees reflect current prices)

Camping fees for Great Ocean Walk purpose built hike-in campsites.

  • Individual: Per tent, per night. Maximum of 12 people. One 2-3 person tent, per tent site x 4 sites. $30.00
  • Group: Per tent, per night. Maximum of 18 people. One 2-3 person tent, per tent site x 6 sites. $27.00
  • Group Sites Exclusive booking: Per night. Maximum 18 people camping across 6 sites. $162.00

WALK DETAIL: Distances between the Great Ocean Walk hike-in campgrounds

Section - Great Ocean Walk campgrounds

Distance Approx.**

Approx. Time*


Apollo Bay Visitor Centre to Elliot Ridge


3hr 30 min


Elliot Ridge Campground to Blanket Bay


4hr 30 min


Blanket Bay Campground to Cape Otway


3hr 45 min


Cape Otway Campground to Aire River


3hr 15 min


Aire River Campground to Johanna Beach


5hr 15 min


Johanna Beach Campground to Ryans Den




Ryans Den Campground to Devils Kitchen


5hr 15 min


Devils Kitchen Campground to Twelve Apostles


5hr 15 min









* Note that these times reflect a walking pace of approximately 3 km per hour.

** Distances have been rounded UP or DOWN to nearest half kilometre.